Free dungeon map – the Malign Marathon

A top-down map of a sprawling fantasy dungeon.

In the mood for a classic dungeon crawl but don’t have a map? Please feel free to use this old-school style top-down dungeon map to get started. Fill it whatever monsters, treasure and traps you like and throw your players in there! I call it the Malign Marathon but that’s just a working title – call it whatever you want.

The map is completely free for personal use, I just ask that you do not publish it elsewhere without my consent. The resolution is 300 dpi so it will look good if you want to print it even in large size.

Download link (300 dpi .png file)

How to populate the dungeon – example rooms

It’s really up to you how you want to populate the dungeon. Use your imagination. If you want a little help to start here are a few ideas to get you going. Use them as inspiration or come up with somtehing completely different.

Room 1 of the Marathon dungeon - the Lobby.
Room 2 of the Marathon dungeon.
Room 3 of the Marathon dungeon - skeletal guards.
Rooms 4 and 5 of the Marathon dungeon.
Rooms 6 and 7 of the Marathon dungeon.
Room 9 - the mimic mimic.

Support my work?

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One thought on “Free dungeon map – the Malign Marathon”

  1. What a really great and detailed (old school style) map. Lots of cool features and an overall great look. I have to say, I sort of wish you did actually finish all of the room descriptions and explanations of puzzles (such as : where’s the key to the wheel) etc Would give potentioal DMS and almost “ready made” dungeon save for some personal tweaks and such to work it into their current storyline or lore.

    I look forward to more from you. Great work.

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