Isometric hex map – the ruins at Boulderwood Crags

The Boulderwood Crags isometric hex map.

A potential client asked me if I could draw an isometric hex map, and I realized I don’t know! I’ve drawn plenty of isometric maps, and plenty of hex maps – but never a map with isometric hexagons. So naturally I had to try it out While it started out as an experiment, I decided that I might as well finish it and write something up for you to use in your game. I hope you find it useful!

Boulderwood Crags

The Boulderwood crags is a remote area with few inhabitants. There are both old and truly ancient ruins in the area. Monsters are not uncommon.

Map locations

1. The village of Juniper glade

Juniper glade was likely a nice place in the past, however it is nowadays somewhat glooomy – inhabited only by a handful of very old people. While friendly, the folks of the village know they will be the last to live here and so there is an air of melancholy to the settlement.

2. The tomb of Gulan Tharr

This ancient tomb holds the remains of the barbarian lord Gulan Tharr and his twelve most powerful lieutenants. They died a thousand years ago, but are somtimes up and runing anyway.

3. The tower ruin

This ruined tower was once a prison. Most notable of the previous prisoners was the family of duke Embalan Bredbane. While the duke was hanged for his crimes, his wife and seven children spent the rest of their lives in the tower. There’s still a warden stone golem roaming this area, mistaking innocent passer-throughs for escaped convicts.

4. The ravine

The ravine that runs deep through this area is the nesting grounds for giant centipedes. Super creepy and dangerous bugs. A wise old woman lived in the cabin. She knows how to fend off the centipedes.

5. The dormant portal

The portal used to grant access to several different dimensions, however have been inactive for five hundred years or so. There are still interdimensional things lurking here that was trapped when the portal went bust. They do not get along well with the denizens of the material plane.

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Use the link below to download a high-resolution image file.

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