Angel’s spit inn and alehouse

Isometric drawing of a fortified keep. A sign depicts an angel spitting in a tankard.

The sturdily built and fortress-like Angel’s Spit inn and alehouse is located on the edge of the borderlands. It is the last homely house before the vast and wild frozen tundra and is frequented by trappers, adventurers, couriers and outdoorsmen.

While the name of the inn might sound peculiar, even off-putting, it was originally meant as a compliment as many years ago an overly-refreshed patron cried out “This ale tastes like the spit of angels!”. The expression stuck, and nowadays few can remember the original name of the establishment.

The Angel’s spit is built like a fort to provide protection against the many dangers that haunt the tundra; raiding orcs, swarms of undead lemmings, giga-mammoths, nekrocapra and more. Still, for all the horrors lurking outside its walls the Angel’s Spit has stood intact for three hundred years and among its patrons many believe this unyielding inn will still be serving ale at the end of times.

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