Medieval fantasy inn map

An isometric map and top down floor plans of a medieval fantasy inn

Since my map of the Nightfall Lodge became quite popular I though I’d expand a bit on it and create a “template” inn map. Use it to create your own inn, tavern or lodge for your fantasy campaign.

I’ve added top-down maps/floor plans for the floors above the surface. Whatever is going on below you’ll have to come up with on your own 🙂

Feel free to download and print this map. I’ve intentionally left some blank space on it for you to add your own notes. The sign is also left empty for you to fill in with a hairy pig, drunken beaver or whatever other colorful representation you want to give your inn.

Free download link

Here’s the download link. The file is a 300 dpi png image in a4 format, so should be quite suitable for printing.

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