Free dungeon map – the Malign Marathon

In the mood for a classic dungeon crawl but don’t have a map? Please feel free to use this old-school style top-down dungeon map to get started. Fill it whatever monsters, treasure and traps you like and throw your players in there! I call it the Malign Marathon but that’s just a working title – call it whatever you want.

The map is completely free for personal use, I just ask that you do not publish it elsewhere without my consent. The resolution is 300 dpi so it will look good if you want to print it even in large size.

Download link (300 dpi .png file)

How to populate the dungeon – example rooms

It’s really up to you how you want to populate the dungeon. Use your imagination. If you want a little help to start here are a few ideas to get you going. Use them as inspiration or come up with somtehing completely different.

Room 1 of the Marathon dungeon - the Lobby.
Room 2 of the Marathon dungeon.
Room 3 of the Marathon dungeon - skeletal guards.
Rooms 4 and 5 of the Marathon dungeon.
Rooms 6 and 7 of the Marathon dungeon.
Room 9 - the mimic mimic.

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The Temple of Rot – isometric dungeon map

Oh man, this map took a loooong time to draw, so I really hope you enjoy it. There’s no written story to this dungeon, but perhaps you find the visual storytelling inspiring enough to come up with your own adventure? If you do, please tell me about it in the comments!

Like many of my adventure site maps, this has a dark fantasy streak to it. I like to mix up fantasy and horror elements both in my art and when I run Dungeons & Dragons adventures. I just love it when the players gets a little bit freaked out by the environment.

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Download this map for free!

Wether you tipped or not, the map is available as a download for you to print and use at your gaming table! (but please note that commercial use or publishing elsewhere without my consent is not ok)

Use the link below to download a high-resolution image file.

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Ancient and Dreadful – isometric dungeon map

There’s something about this design I find unnerving, but I can’t really put my finger on what it is. It just feels … wrong. Ah well, probably just my imagination playing me tricks while I drew it. In any case, here’s an ancient burial site that you can use as a point of interest in your campaign.

There’s probably something nasty down there for the player characters to find. Like the eerie stone carved to resemble a skull. If that thing isn’t cursed then I don’t know what is.

Here’s a download link, feel free to use it in your personal game (like always it’s free for personal use, but I ask you not to publish it elsewhere without my written consent):

More tombs to explore

You know me, I like to draw old and dusty tombs, crypts and burial sites. Here’s a few more:

The Black Tomb of the Wight Knight

The Black Tomb of the Wight Knight is a short dungeon that should be suitable for a night of D&D adventuring. I haven’t written a lot of information on the dungeon itself, other than what you see in the image so it’s up to the dungeon master to make it her own adventure!

I have a loose idea about nearby villagers sacrificing people on the big stone slab by the “entrance”, pouring blood down the shaft to keep the wight knight calm and content.

The giant skull in the chamber below could be made of stone, or even the remains of an ancient creature. Either way it should set the tone of this eerie and grim place.

Feel free to download the image and print it for your own campaign, like always my content is free for personal use. I just ask you not to publish it elsewhere without my written consent. Enjoy!

Free download (300 dpi .png file)

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The Vault of the Shattered Sword – isometric map for “Swordtember”

Apparently there’s this thing called #swordtember, where artists dedicate the month of September to drawing sword. Well, count me in – I love swords! I’m also a mapmaker though, so I just couldn’t resist drawing a fitting dungeon for this entry.

Standing guard over the ancient, shattered sword is a demonic statue. The room also hosts six plain stone plinths, each with a heavy stone bowl containing rusted iron residue. In the southern part of this dungeon section there’s a round room with a large half-sphere made of the darkest black obsidian, and covered in mystic symbols. What secrets can this strange vault hold?

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The Chantry of Desecration – isometric map for D&D

Here’s a simple isometric map for you to use should you need a spooky, desecrated church in any horror-themed Dungeons & Dragons adventure. I intentionally skipped drawing details in the rooms on the floor plans. Treat it as a blank canvas to fill with whatever creepy things you can come up with!

In my own campaign I plan to use the Chantry of Desecration as a non-combat encounter. A place where atrocious deeds have been committed in the past, but where remnant energies still linger.

Here’s a link to download the map!

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The infernal monolith – isometric dungeon room

”Deep in the bowels of this forsaken labyrinth stands a strange monolith adorned with blasphemous runes. The stone whispers ancient curses in maddened voices. Its language is that of the Abyss – infernal and sacrilegious.”

Just a little bit of “dungeon dressing”. I’m imagining the monolith to be somewhat sentinent, so a player character with the right knowledge can communicate with it. Initially it would be very helpful and provide sound advice, but sooner or later it would require something in return. How far will the players go to please the monolith? What would they be willing to pay?

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Rubik’s Dungeon – a cube shaped, isometric dungeon map

Created in ancient times by the great (and sadistic) dungeon master Rubik, the cube is an artifact that can alter the layout of his underground lair. To attract victims, Rubik would intentionally spread rumours about great tresure hidden in the depths of the labyrinth. As adventurers delved into the dungeon he would use the cube to constantly switch rooms and corridors around until the spelunkers lost their way. As Rubik would place food, water and other supplies in the dunegon, some adventuring parties roamed these maddening hallways for years until finally perishing.

I drew this map mostly as an experiment to see if I could pull it off. While probably not very useful for using as an in-game map, it was a lot of fun to make.

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The Lost Library Dungeon Map

The Lost Library is a dungeon map I created for my Dunkelmoor campaign environment, however it is “generic” enough to fit well into most fantasy campaigns. Feel free to download the map and print it for personal use at your gaming table.

Rumours of an ancient, subterranean library filled with long forgotten knowledge and secrets should be something that piques the curiosity of most adventuring parties.

The idea of such a place fits well into many D&D campaigns, and it provides a great opportunity for the Dungeon Master to throw out hooks for new adventures. Spending some time with the dusty tomes could let players find clues to other hidden places in the world, such as the Ghoulshaft of the Ossuan Desert.

Download high-resolution image (300 dpi):

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The Spudfield Good Girl – free D&D adventure

The Spudfield Good Girl is a free two-page adventure for use with Dungeons & Dragons. It was made with the B/X edition of the rules from 1981, but can easily be adapted to any edition of the game.

The adventure is meant for a party of low level (1-3) adventurers but can be adjusted for higher level play by introducing tougher enemies. If you choose to make the adventure harder you should consider increasing rewards/treasure as appropriate.

The Spudfield Good Girl is a fantasy adventure with light horror elements, but nothing too gruesome.

Download the adventure

The Spudfield Good Girl - click iamge to download free pdf
Click image to download the adventure in pdf-format

Adventure background

Conrad and Eliza Spudfield and their five well-mannered children are in need of adventurers. Two days ago, when Eliza was about to bring up some potatoes from the root cellar under their kitchen she spotted a monster! An undead abomination peered at her from the shadows. She quickly escaped up into the kitchen and slammed the hatch shut. Eliza heard growling from below, and then everything went silent.

Conrad bolted the hatch securely and just to be safe they moved their large cupboard onto it. They need adventurers to go down the hatch and dispose of the monster so that they can gain access to their food supply or there will be no spuds for the children trickin’ and treatin’ on Olde Hallow’s Eve.

Free to download for personal use

The adventure is completely free to download and print for personal use with your gaming group. Please do not re-publish the adventure without my written consent. You may never sell copies of this adventure.

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Some of my previous adventures have been translated by other gamers to their native languages (for example Italian and Portuguese). Please reach out to me if you’d like to translate The Spudfield Good Girl into your own native language and I can provide you with the source material. E-mail me at

In loving memory of Doris

This adventure is dedicated to the best friend I’ve ever had, who I miss so dearly. You were such a good girl.

In loving memory of Doris 2010-2020

More from my world

The Spudfield Good Girl is set in my own little campaign world, next to the small settlement of Fourtower Bridge. Fourtower Bridge is a town module that is also free to download, and can be used together with the adventure to provide more context for the player characters. Click here to read more about Fourtower Bridge and to download the module.

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