The cave of the dark druid – dungeon map

Dungeon map of a dark druid's hideout

Just a simple dungeon map of the lair of a dark druid and his wicked minions. Click here to download the map for personal use. Here are a few features of the cave:

  • There’s a chain and collar in the first room, this is suitable for some kind of guardian creature/animal
  • Only small creatures can crawl through the narrow tunnels (halflings or smaller)
  • In the northern cave room there’s a shaft leading down to deeper caverns
  • In the northeast cave room there’s a large stone globe that is cold to the touch – bad mojo
  • Southeast cave serves as latrine
  • The southeast room has an iron stove, so is quite warm and cozy
  • Stairs lead down to level 2

The map can easily be used for something else, here are some examples:

  • Bandit hideout
  • Goblinoid camp (hobgoblin leader in the cozy room)
  • Home of an old dwarven mastersmith (smithy on level 2)

11 thoughts on “The cave of the dark druid – dungeon map”

  1. I love your maps! Found your site while looking for tutorials on map drawing. I honestly kind of like your stuff better than Dyson’s (and I’ve really enjoyed his stuff). Been practicing a bit and discovering it’s difficult to not overdo it with the dots. But so far my top-down views of buildings look pretty good. I haven’t dug too far yet, but do you have tutorials for drawing side views of the buildings themselves? That’s a nut I have yet to crack but really want to try.

  2. My Dm wants all of us to try making our own campaigns so that we can have experience. Most of my dnd group has been playing different formats for over a decade. I played a decade ago but haven’t since then. I followed your basic dungeon tutorial and i just started trying to draw some maps for a campaign I’m trying to write up.
    I showed him the maps and what he thought of them. He said he was kinda surprised that I drew them up myself. He has been playing for years and he finally convinced me to start a campaign it was just working time out with our party members.
    Using your tutorials he said that my maps look better than any maps that he has drawn.

    Thank you!!!

  3. Hello ! i like a lot your work and yours tutorial in how to draw a village and dungeon help to improve a little my drawing skill. Do you have a tutorial on how to draw fortniture like tables,
    fireplace,bookshelf, chairs and other things ? i only know to draw boxes and barrels ja ja.

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