The cave of the dark druid – dungeon map

Dungeon map of a dark druid's hideout

Just a simple dungeon map of the lair of a dark druid and his wicked minions. Click here to download the map for personal use. Here are a few features of the cave:

  • There’s a chain and collar in the first room, this is suitable for some kind of guardian creature/animal
  • Only small creatures can crawl through the narrow tunnels (halflings or smaller)
  • In the northern cave room there’s a shaft leading down to deeper caverns
  • In the northeast cave room there’s a large stone globe that is cold to the touch – bad mojo
  • Southeast cave serves as latrine
  • The southeast room has an iron stove, so is quite warm and cozy
  • Stairs lead down to level 2

The map can easily be used for something else, here are some examples:

  • Bandit hideout
  • Goblinoid camp (hobgoblin leader in the cozy room)
  • Home of an old dwarven mastersmith (smithy on level 2)

6 thoughts on “The cave of the dark druid – dungeon map”

  1. I love your maps! Found your site while looking for tutorials on map drawing. I honestly kind of like your stuff better than Dyson’s (and I’ve really enjoyed his stuff). Been practicing a bit and discovering it’s difficult to not overdo it with the dots. But so far my top-down views of buildings look pretty good. I haven’t dug too far yet, but do you have tutorials for drawing side views of the buildings themselves? That’s a nut I have yet to crack but really want to try.

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