Perchburrow Point – isometric village map

Isometric map of a fishing settlement and a lighthouse

Perchburrow Point is an old fishing village located at the wind-harrowed Howling Coast. It is (literally) the last point of light before the vast and stormy sea, and whatever horrors await in and beyond it.

The settlement is located on top of a underground system of caves and rivers. As these freshwater rivers meet the ocean the water in the caves is brackish, and there’s an abundance of perch to be caught by veteran fishermen.

Perchburrow Point is an important maritime mark due to the ancient lighthouse that is managed dutifully by the people of the village. Many ships pass by here, and some lay anchor to allow crews a night at the inn before braving the sea (or returning from it).

Please feel free to download the map and use it in your campaign. It should be useful to represent any coastal settlement in a semi-medieval setting.

Like all content on this website this map is free for personal use (I just ask you not to publish it elsewhere without my consent).

Free download (300 dpi .png file)

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