The Nightfall Lodge – isometric inn map

Isometric drawing of a medieval inn

The Nightfall Lodge – an inn deep in the woods, far from civilization. It’s a strange place, this twilight tavern. A candlelight cantina that seems to exist in a perpetual state of evenfall.

Perhaps located in the dense forest west of Drowner’s Lake in Western Thistlemoor, the Nightfall Lodge is a secret to most, yet so many have a faint memory of visiting it.

Have you ever been hopelessly searching for that bar you were almost certain would be just on the corner of that street you can’t seem to remember the name of? You undoubtedly recognize the general area, and you’re almost certain you’ve been here before. That street sign seems so familiar, and you recall clearly the sloping alley snaking its way down to a … square? Or do you really? The more you try to focus on the memory of the Nightfall Lodge, the more blurry it gets.

That’s the magic of the inn of flickering candles. Many have been there, but only once. Previous patrons can’t seem to find their way back, and the more they try the less details they manage to reproduce from their previous visit. You only stumble upon the Nightfall Lodge when you have absolutely no intention of finding it.

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  1. Found you through a google for an OSE PC sheet. This stuff is great! Do you do any asset packs for mapping programs?

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