Ancient and Dreadful – isometric dungeon map

isometric drawing of an old burial site

There’s something about this design I find unnerving, but I can’t really put my finger on what it is. It just feels … wrong. Ah well, probably just my imagination playing me tricks while I drew it. In any case, here’s an ancient burial site that you can use as a point of interest in your campaign.

There’s probably something nasty down there for the player characters to find. Like the eerie stone carved to resemble a skull. If that thing isn’t cursed then I don’t know what is.

Here’s a download link, feel free to use it in your personal game (like always it’s free for personal use, but I ask you not to publish it elsewhere without my written consent):

More tombs to explore

You know me, I like to draw old and dusty tombs, crypts and burial sites. Here’s a few more:

2 thoughts on “Ancient and Dreadful – isometric dungeon map”

  1. Heya –

    I just found your blog. Love your work ^_^

    Recently I started an OSE blog (Binder Full of Notes) and I used one of your images as an illustration for one of my posts. I credited you and linked back to your site (and I have your blog in my list of links to cool blogs).

    I’m not sure if you consider that “personal use” and thus implicitly okay, or if you consider it publishing… so I’m letting you know. If you’d like me to stop using the image let me know and I’ll take it down. The post is here:

    I could imagine using some of the images you’ve posted an writing posts about them (i.e. scenarios) on the blog at some point in the future, maybe. Obviously I’d say “this map by Niklas Wistedt, check out his blog here” and so on, and I’d be sharing it on the net. Equally obviously, I’d only do that if you’re okay with that. Are you?

    1. Please do not publish my art without first seeking consent, as stated above: “like always it’s free for personal use, but I ask you not to publish it elsewhere without my written consent”

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