Fighter with mace “flänsklubba” and shield

Fighter with shield and flänsklubba

I wasn’t going to write anything about this drawing, but I had to, as the word “flänsklubba” (the old Swedish word for this type of mace) doesn’t return any decent results on Google. There are two Swedish words for this type of weapon, actually, and they’re both really cool:

  • Flänsklubba translates into “flanged club”
  • “Hjälmkrossare” translates into “helmet crusher”

In any case, I don’t draw a lot of characters, but it’s something I would like to get better at, so I just recently started practising it. This fellow is supposed to be some type of grizzled mercenary veteran. You could use him as a hireling or NPC in your games. I hope you enjoy the drawing!

One thought on “Fighter with mace “flänsklubba” and shield”

  1. Hey Niklas
    Nice blog you’re got here. I’ve been searcing for this kind of blog with tutorials for a while, and just found you.
    As a GM I do a bit of sketching myself, but as a beginner. I’m having trouble with character drawings (like this one) and landscape drawings.
    If you’d make a tutorial on those two id would be really useful.

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