SVART GRIFT – ancient tomb dungeon map

Tomb map

“Svart Grift” is Swedish, and means “Black Grave”. This map pictures an ancient burial tomb filled with secrets, traps and probably a few restless dead. I hope you will enjoy it – I’m sure your player’s wont! 🙂

Click here for a larger version of the map.

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One thought on “SVART GRIFT – ancient tomb dungeon map”

  1. Tidy, evocative, nostalgic, inspirational… as usual, a very masterful work.

    I was wondering if with your style of drawing plan-view dungeon maps it is possible to give “hints” about the way the room ceilings are shaped. I know that with a plan-view it is possibile to show only the floor, sections of columns and walls, and so on, but it would be really cool if with some (transparent? see-through? dotted? dashed) line/stroke, or with an intelligent use of shadow, the viewer of the map received a visual message about the ceiling of a special dungeon room (a barrel vault, a groin vault, a cross vault…). But I cannot think about any possibile clean and tidy solution…

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