The Haunted Cloister – Free dungeon module for fantasy roleplaying games

Isometric view of the haunted cloister gatehouse

The Haunted Cloister is a short (3 pages) module containing a three level dungeon map, a short background and a random table of curse effects. It is not a fully detailed adventure, and there is lots of opportunity for the referee to add her own ideas to the dungeon.

What happened in the monastery?

The monastery is located in a secluded mountain area. It was the monastic home of the monks of the chalice. A century ago a disguised hag snuck a curse into the well of prayers, bringing doom to the cloister.

Today, the darkened halls echo with ghastly whispers. The monks haunt the monastery as vengeful apparitions.

No one goes here – treasure may still be found.

Download the Haunted Cloister pdf

The Haunted Cloister is free to download and print for personal use, but please do not publish it online or in print without written consent by the author.

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7 thoughts on “The Haunted Cloister – Free dungeon module for fantasy roleplaying games”

  1. Love your maps and this is great! Going to be so useful for some first time RPG’ers I am having a session with this week. Thanks!

  2. Been following you on Instagram for a couple of months now and all I have to say is thank you for being here. Truly, your maps and sketches are of the highest quality. Congratulations! And here is hoping for much more!

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