The Old-School Armory – weapon illustrations

Old school armory weapon illustrations

For some reason I’ve never outgrown weapon illustrations in roleplaying games. As a youngling I usually flipped right to the equipment chapter when picking up a new game, fantasizing about gearing up for adventure.

Some of the early versions of D&D (as well as some of it’s modern clones) sadly lack weapon illustrations. Therefore I took it upon me to hand-draw a chart for dungeon masters to print and hand out to their players.

I hope you will enjoy this onepager, illustrating all the weapons in the equipment list of D&D B/X, released in 1981. Of course it should serve as inspiration for any quasi-medieval fantasy roleplaying game. I myself intend to use it for Old-School Essentials which is an amazing B/X close.

Do you want more of this?

For more weapons, check out the expanded Old-School Armory for weapons like the flail and morningstar.

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9 thoughts on “The Old-School Armory – weapon illustrations”

  1. Just found this, and it’s awesome. Wish I’d seen it long ago, you’re a better artist than I. I had to draw a bunch for my game, because not everybody is the history/combat/weaponry geek that I am, and didn’t know what those names represented . . .

  2. Hello love your art and hope you make more was just wondering if you are using a Font and which one or do you write the text your self?

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