Welcome to Fourtower Bridge

Welcome to Fourtower Bridge - a Paths Peculiar town module for fantasy roleplaying games

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The home base (town, village, hamlet) is an important element of many fantasy adventures. It provides opportunity for roleplaying and setting the tone for the campaign. The home base also allows the game master to adjust the difficulty of the adventure by deciding what resources are available for purchase, if retainers can be hired and if rumours can give hints about dangers to come. The home base works as a hub, and lets the game master enrich the campaign world by adding lore and side quests.

Despite this, many adventures lack a town, and leaves it up to the game master to create it. That is why I created Fourtower Bridge. It’s a small home base that can be dropped into pretty much any fantasy campaign or adventure, with minimal (if any) work required by you.

This is Fourtower Bridge

Fourtower is located on the moorlands in the outskirts of the realm, in Western Thistlemoor. The name refers to the bridge itself as well as the small settlement surrounding it.

The fortified bridge provides safe passage across the river for those traveling the old King’s Road. While originally built for military purposes, the fortification no longer serves such a role and civilians have been allowed to build houses around it, forming a small hamlet. While a few farms are scattered across the surrounding landscape, this area is certainly considered the backwoods of the realm.

Overland hex map of Thistlemoor and Fourtower Bridge
Overland map of Western Thistlemoor, click the image to download as pdf

The bridge construction consists of four towers and thick gates barring passage across a sturdy stone overpass. The fortification was given as reward by the local regent to a party of four adventurers who did the realm a great service many years ago. The four adventurers are now retired and live in the towers. “The Four” collect tolls from those who wishes to cross the bridge, although not from locals.

Sample spread from Fourtower Bridge
Sample spread from Fourtower Bridge

Download “Welcome to Fourtower Bridge” (.pfd)

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Download the Thistlemoor overland map (.pfd)

Fourtower bridge review

If you want a video presentation and review of the module, check out Fumble Table´s Youtube video:

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Top-down town map of fourtower bridge

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  1. Hey man, great maps! What is your process to work round figures with squared tiles (like wells).

    Im kind of lost how to work the pespective so that it doesn’t look tilted to a certain angle.


  2. I’m scrapping my original plans for a new campaign and starting with Fourtower Bridge as the hub. Do you have a copy of the map that we can download without the names of buildings or map key, like you did with the Deepwood Lodge? I am really admiring your drawing and mapping skills!

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