Rubik’s Dungeon – a cube shaped, isometric dungeon map

Rubik's Dungeon, cube-shaped isometric dungeon map

Created in ancient times by the great (and sadistic) dungeon master Rubik, the cube is an artifact that can alter the layout of his underground lair. To attract victims, Rubik would intentionally spread rumours about great tresure hidden in the depths of the labyrinth. As adventurers delved into the dungeon he would use the cube to constantly switch rooms and corridors around until the spelunkers lost their way. As Rubik would place food, water and other supplies in the dunegon, some adventuring parties roamed these maddening hallways for years until finally perishing.

I drew this map mostly as an experiment to see if I could pull it off. While probably not very useful for using as an in-game map, it was a lot of fun to make.

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One thought on “Rubik’s Dungeon – a cube shaped, isometric dungeon map”

  1. I like this idea, but I feel like you’d probably need six or seven different “cubes” to keep the players from figuring out the gimmick. The “outside” of the dungeon would be a giant featureless building with a number of open “doorways” into the interior, spaced evenly around the perimeter. Most of the doorways would end after 5 ft.; the open ones would depend on the current configuration of the cube(s).

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