The Bogpike Tower – isometric fantasy tower map

The Bogpike Tower settlement is build in and around the remains of an ancient bridge abutment. To get away from the horrors of the swamp, the inhabitants of the village have added walkways, huts and houses to the sturdy stone structure.

In my own campaign environment of Fourtower Bridge/Western Thistlemoor, the Bogpike Tower settlement is located in western Greenbottle Morass and is a point of light in an otherwise bleak part of the moor. Here are some other examples of how you can use it in your own campaign:

  • A pirate and/or smuggler’s lair
  • A wizards tower
  • A trading post
  • A large inn
  • A fishing village
  • A rebel camp

In any case, I hope you enjoy the tower!

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This map is available as a download for you to print and use at your gaming table, but please note that commercial use or publishing elsewhere without my consent is prohibited.

Use the link below to download a high-resolution image file.

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The Rook Tower – isometric illustration of a wizard’s tower

Originally constructed three-hundred years ago by the late wizard Belfador, “the Tower of the Four Avians” is commonly referred to as “Rook Tower” due to the large colony of rooks that inhabit the old spire. The tower is located north of Fourtower Bridge, at the base of the mountains overlooking the moorland.

The rooks of the tower

The rooks of the tower have lived there for generations. They are intelligent, and quite vicious birds that have effectively warded off any attempts to occupy the tower. Brigands as well as adventurers have tried taking the tower by force, but none have so far been able to stomach more than a night or two in the tower. The rooks employ various tactics ranging from petty theft to proper terrorization of intruders.

A work in progress

Rook tower is an idea that I’ve had for some time. It is loosely inspired by “Claws from the Night” by Fritz Leiber, and of course to some extent by Hitchcock’s “The Birds”. This is my first illustration for the adventure, and I will (hopefully) soon draw maps for the interior of the tower. As I work further on the adventure, any updates will be posted here.

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Medieval fantasy inn map

Since my map of the Nightfall Lodge became quite popular I though I’d expand a bit on it and create a “template” inn map. Use it to create your own inn, tavern or lodge for your fantasy campaign.

I’ve added top-down maps/floor plans for the floors above the surface. Whatever is going on below you’ll have to come up with on your own 🙂

Feel free to download and print this map. I’ve intentionally left some blank space on it for you to add your own notes. The sign is also left empty for you to fill in with a hairy pig, drunken beaver or whatever other colorful representation you want to give your inn.

Free download link

Here’s the download link. The file is a 300 dpi png image in a4 format, so should be quite suitable for printing.

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The Nightfall Lodge – isometric inn map

The Nightfall Lodge – an inn deep in the woods, far from civilization. It’s a strange place, this twilight tavern. A candlelight cantina that seems to exist in a perpetual state of evenfall.

Perhaps located in the dense forest west of Drowner’s Lake in Western Thistlemoor, the Nightfall Lodge is a secret to most, yet so many have a faint memory of visiting it.

Have you ever been hopelessly searching for that bar you were almost certain would be just on the corner of that street you can’t seem to remember the name of? You undoubtedly recognize the general area, and you’re almost certain you’ve been here before. That street sign seems so familiar, and you recall clearly the sloping alley snaking its way down to a … square? Or do you really? The more you try to focus on the memory of the Nightfall Lodge, the more blurry it gets.

That’s the magic of the inn of flickering candles. Many have been there, but only once. Previous patrons can’t seem to find their way back, and the more they try the less details they manage to reproduce from their previous visit. You only stumble upon the Nightfall Lodge when you have absolutely no intention of finding it.

Download this map

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If you like my stuff and want to give me a tip to cheer me on, please click the button below. I don’t make a living on drawing (I wish!), so don’t feel comitted to do so, though. I use the tip I get either for art supplies, supporting other creators or a beer or two at the local pub.

The Bazaar of the Sun and the Moon – isometric map

The Bazaar of the Sun and the Moon was once a bustling marketplace, filled with exotic trade goods from far and wide. A deadly sickness befell the merchants and other residents of the bazaar and it is nowadays a deserted place, void of life. Every full moon, however, the spirits of the dead tradesmen rise and for just one night haggling whispers fill the air as ethereal (and most peculiar) goods are exchanged for prices just as peculiar.

It is a dangerous place, this bazaar of the dead, but for those who require items not of this world visiting this market might be the only chance to acquire them. Living customers must be careful though, as the ghosts might sometimes demand more than one would be willing to pay.

Download high-resolution image (300 dpi):

This map is free to download for personal use (but not for publishing without my consent). Feel free to use it at your gaming table should you need a map of a desert marketplace.

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More desert fantasy maps

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The Chantry of Desecration – isometric map for D&D

Here’s a simple isometric map for you to use should you need a spooky, desecrated church in any horror-themed Dungeons & Dragons adventure. I intentionally skipped drawing details in the rooms on the floor plans. Treat it as a blank canvas to fill with whatever creepy things you can come up with!

In my own campaign I plan to use the Chantry of Desecration as a non-combat encounter. A place where atrocious deeds have been committed in the past, but where remnant energies still linger.

Here’s a link to download the map!

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Isometric map: The Key & Tankard inn

Now who doesn’t like a proper inn? It’s a classic staple of fantasy roleplaying games, and rightly so! The inn is a meeting place, perfect for establishing interesting NPC’s, introducing new quests, gathering rumours and making the fantasy world seem a little bit more real to the players and their characters.

Not everything is about fighting horrible abominations in dark catacombs – what’s the use of courage unless you have some place to brag about your exploits? What good is gold if you have nowhere to spend it?

A map of the Key & Tankard. Feel free to download and use for your own campaign. All adventurers need an inn to rest at, and aquire new quests from the mysterious hooded man in the corner.

Forest keep of the Knight Hermit

I drew the image of the keep some time ago, just as a small sketch in a notebook. However I found myself returning to it as I took a liking to the idea of a small keep in the middle of a deep and dark forest. Just recently, I decided to draw the maps of the keep, should someone want to use it as an adventure location. At some point, I might just flesh it out a bit more and add it to an adventure.

I’m not a great adventure writer, and certainly not in English (it’s not my native language) but I do try to give my adventure sites descriptive names, and I hope they can provide some substance to the place.

In this case, I’m picturing an elderly ronin-type knight, his master killed or disgraced. The knight is living out his last years as a recluse, not participating in whatever game the outside world is playing. Perhaps the player characters need to convince him to take part on one final quest. Perhaps he is a keeper of great secrets and has information the adventurers need. In any case, just finding the Knight Hermit could very well be an adventure in itself.

As DM, you could act out the Knight Hermit a bit like Obi-Wan Kenobi from the early Star Wars movies. If you want a more corny character, perhaps slightly mad from the isolation, you could base him on Yoda.

Map of Zelkor’s Ferry

Have you ever been to Rappan Athuk? The mega-dungeon adventure by Frog God Games is a hefty tome, and quite an iconic piece of roleplaying paraphernalia.

There are few places in Rappan Athuk’s surroundings where adventurers can rest up in relative safety, but Zelkor’s Ferry is one of them. I didn’t particularly like the map in the adventure, so I re-drew it myself. Hope you enjoy!

Feel free to download and print this map for personal use. Click the link below to download a larger version.