The Bogpike Tower – isometric fantasy tower map

Isometric drawing of a tower in the swamp, with added buildings and huts.

The Bogpike Tower settlement is build in and around the remains of an ancient bridge abutment. To get away from the horrors of the swamp, the inhabitants of the village have added walkways, huts and houses to the sturdy stone structure.

In my own campaign environment of Fourtower Bridge/Western Thistlemoor, the Bogpike Tower settlement is located in western Greenbottle Morass and is a point of light in an otherwise bleak part of the moor. Here are some other examples of how you can use it in your own campaign:

  • A pirate and/or smuggler’s lair
  • A wizards tower
  • A trading post
  • A large inn
  • A fishing village
  • A rebel camp

In any case, I hope you enjoy the tower!

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