Map of Zelkor’s Ferry

Map of Zelkor´s Ferry

Have you ever been to Rappan Athuk? The mega-dungeon adventure by Frog God Games is a hefty tome, and quite an iconic piece of roleplaying paraphernalia.

There are few places in Rappan Athuk’s surroundings where adventurers can rest up in relative safety, but Zelkor’s Ferry is one of them. I didn’t particularly like the map in the adventure, so I re-drew it myself. Hope you enjoy!

Feel free to download and print this map for personal use. Click the link below to download a larger version.

2 thoughts on “Map of Zelkor’s Ferry”

  1. Had to google the original map from the adventure. This is so much better. Good work.
    And thanks for getting my interest for fantasy maps started again. Followed your tutorials and “raided” the penstore for grey markers and micron pens! Now I am preparing a Forbidden lands rpg campaign with decent looking maps! 🙂

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