The Spudfield Homestead – isometric map

Isometric map of the Spudfield Homestead - fantasy medieval farm

As Dungeon Master you’re responsible for making up interesting and rememeberable non-player-characters (NPCs). It’s easy to focus on the most exciting ones – evil villains and mighty heroes. However, I think it’s really important to also present mundane NPCs to your players.

Creating some friendly and likeable townsfolk can really bring another layer to the adventure. Give the player characters something to protect. Not all adventures needs to be about finding gold and treasure (although that is certainly important as well). If you can get the players to feel for the common folks they will get more invested and put themselves in harm’s way to keep them safe. Can you get them to embark on adventures without any other reward than the gratefullness of the village?

The Spudfields are just those kinds of NPCs. Warm and welcoming, truly friendly an honest people. They don’t have anything more to offer than their friendship and a warm meal – but sometimes that might be just what the adventurers need.

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  1. Hello!
    On this page there is a lot of farmhouse or castle isometric maps, just like this. These are my favourite drawing posts and I’ve tried to draw pictures like these. They don’t come out very good, but if there would be a tutorial, they will be better. By the way, I have tried all of the other tutorials and these drawings come out very good!

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