Medieval merchant guild – isometric map

An isometric view of a medieval merchant guild in the canals district

In any pseudo-medieval fantasy city there will be various classic factions struggling for power. One of the most influential ones is probably the typical merchant guild.

Controlling trade is as close to absolute power as it gets and there are many historical examples of merchant associations outmaneuvering kings and nobles alike.

This map can be used to represent a medieval merchant guild hall and it’s immediate surroundings in the canals district. Will the player characters be able to gain favour among the merchants, or are they there to rob the place?

Free download (300 dpi .png file)

3D model of the Merchant Guild

The below 3D model of the merchant guild is made by CGI artist Andrei Pék (link to Andrei’s Instagram account, opens in new tab). I’m astounded by the way he breathed life into my simple drawing, and honored that he chose to do it with my work.

Here’s an external link to open the model in a new window, if somehow the embedded version doesn’t work properly.

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2 thoughts on “Medieval merchant guild – isometric map”

  1. I’m amazed how he imagined the unseen façades and filled it out! Your work together would be awesome!

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