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The Spudfield Good Girl is a free two-page adventure for use with Dungeons & Dragons. It was made with the B/X edition of the rules from 1981, but can easily be adapted to any edition of the game.

The adventure is meant for a party of low level (1-3) adventurers but can be adjusted for higher level play by introducing tougher enemies. If you choose to make the adventure harder you should consider increasing rewards/treasure as appropriate.

The Spudfield Good Girl is a fantasy adventure with light horror elements, but nothing too gruesome.

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Adventure background

Conrad and Eliza Spudfield and their five well-mannered children are in need of adventurers. Two days ago, when Eliza was about to bring up some potatoes from the root cellar under their kitchen she spotted a monster! An undead abomination peered at her from the shadows. She quickly escaped up into the kitchen and slammed the hatch shut. Eliza heard growling from below, and then everything went silent.

Conrad bolted the hatch securely and just to be safe they moved their large cupboard onto it. They need adventurers to go down the hatch and dispose of the monster so that they can gain access to their food supply or there will be no spuds for the children trickin’ and treatin’ on Olde Hallow’s Eve.

Free to download for personal use

The adventure is completely free to download and print for personal use with your gaming group. Please do not re-publish the adventure without my written consent. You may never sell copies of this adventure.

Would you like to translate this adventure?

Some of my previous adventures have been translated by other gamers to their native languages (for example Italian and Portuguese). Please reach out to me if you’d like to translate The Spudfield Good Girl into your own native language and I can provide you with the source material. E-mail me at

In loving memory of Doris

This adventure is dedicated to the best friend I’ve ever had, who I miss so dearly. You were such a good girl.

In loving memory of Doris 2010-2020

More from my world

The Spudfield Good Girl is set in my own little campaign world, next to the small settlement of Fourtower Bridge. Fourtower Bridge is a town module that is also free to download, and can be used together with the adventure to provide more context for the player characters. Click here to read more about Fourtower Bridge and to download the module.

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7 thoughts on “The Spudfield Good Girl – free D&D adventure”

  1. I love all the content and tips I’ve read thank you so much for the inspiration.
    I’d also like to say that your comments about Doris really hit me in the feels. I get it, and I’m so sorry.

  2. I love this and intend using it as an introductory scenario for a new group I’m going to run OSE for. I’m also basing them in 4 towers as that also looks awesome, are there any other modules based around there? Once I get paid I am most definitely buying you a beer or two 🙂
    Thanks for the amazing work!

    1. Thank you for the kind words! Most of the stuff I draw and write is intended for use in the same area as Fourtower Bridge, although it’s not always stated. The Haunted Cloister lies northeast of Fourtower Bridge, for example.

  3. My children adored this little adventure – they were so glad that the doggy ended up being a Good Girl. Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. Really like this little adventure. Any chance you have separate image files for the maps, so I may transfer them over to a VTT?

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