Hand-drawn character sheet for Dungeons & Dragons

Hand drawn character sheet for D&D Basic/Expert

Here’s a free, hand-drawn character sheet for use with Dungeons & Dragons Basic/Expert and its many modern OSR clones like Old-School Essentials and Labyrinth Lord.

Feel free to download and print this character sheet, but please if you wish to share it digitally I really appreciate if you link to this page rather than saving the file and publishing it elsewhere.

Descending AC and THAC0 or Ascending AC?

The character sheet is avaliable in two versions. One for use with the the original rules where a low AC is better than a high one, and attack rolls are handled with THAC0 (To Hit Armor Class 0). The other verision of the sheet is for use with the optional rule of ascending armor class (AAC) which is more familiar to players of later editions of the game, and is perhaps the most widely adopted house rule in OSR games.

If you use descending AC and THAC0: Click here or in the image below to download the character sheet as a pdf-file.

If you use ascending AC: Click here to download the AAC version of the sheet as a pdf-file.

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Click on image to download character sheet (pdf)

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12 thoughts on “Hand-drawn character sheet for Dungeons & Dragons”

    1. I create stuff for the games I play. Drawing things like this takes a lot of time. Do you really think it’s fair to expect me to create free resources for a game I don’t play, just because you like it?

      1. This is beautiful. Thank you for creating something and wanting to share it with us for free!
        If possible, would you be willing to explain some of the purposes of the more unique parts of the character sheet? I understand miat if it but a few things are a touch confusing for their purpose.
        Again, thank you for providing the art. Please don’t feel obligated to explain anything. ❤

          1. Hey! I also want to thank you for the great work and ask a few questions. Currently I’m playing 5e D&D and find “attack value matrix” a bit confusing as well as “listen at doors” and other d6’s. I’m a bit familiar with older editions of dnd so the last is more or less easy to get, but not the matrix. Can you please explain how to use these elements?

      2. Awesome work! And thank you for giving back to the rpg community! Did you use any kind of digital software to draw these or was it done with just pencil and paper?

  1. Beautiful work! I’m a teacher and am running an online game for a few of my students. I’ll definitely share this with them.

    Wouldn’t happen to play Savage Worlds, would you?

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