The Chantry of Desecration – isometric map for D&D

The chantry of desecration isometric map

Here’s a simple isometric map for you to use should you need a spooky, desecrated church in any horror-themed Dungeons & Dragons adventure. I intentionally skipped drawing details in the rooms on the floor plans. Treat it as a blank canvas to fill with whatever creepy things you can come up with!

In my own campaign I plan to use the Chantry of Desecration as a non-combat encounter. A place where atrocious deeds have been committed in the past, but where remnant energies still linger.

Here’s a link to download the map!

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One thought on “The Chantry of Desecration – isometric map for D&D”

  1. Great job as always. I don’t know why but the first thing I noticed was the solid fireplace and chimney, it’s like they’re a block. And I know it won’t make a difference in the game.

    What will be the use of the rooms in your game? Like a bedroom, hall, butcher’s room…

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