The Deepwood Lodge logger’s camp

Map over the deepwood lodge logger's camp

I made this map for a short horror adventure I ran with my players. Deepwood Lodge is a logger’s camp and lumber mill located along the river in the the outskirts of Deepwood. The adventure was inspired by horro movies such as The Thing and Dawn of the Dead. It all started when a fungus infected, zombie-like lumberjack came floating down the river all tangled up in a timber raft, crashing into Fourtower Bridge.

The adventurers were tasked by Majken the cleric to investigate a remote logger’s camp called the Deepwood Lodge, about a day’s march upstream. At the scene they discovered the lumberjacks had been infected by some type of necrotic fungi, killing them and reviving them as undead.

I might write out the full adventure at some point, but as for now I don’t have an active InDesign subscription so that will have to wait. Until then, please feel free to use the maps with your own gaming group.

Maps of the logging camp:

I have prepared two maps for you. The first map has a legend to fit into the Fourtower Bridge campaign environment. The other map is without legend (and I have removed the dead body laying on the ground), so you can modify it to fit your own campaign. Both are free for personal use. Click the links below to download the maps as .png image files.

Overland map of Fourtower Bridge and its surroundings
An overland map of the Fourtower Bridge campaign environment

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6 thoughts on “The Deepwood Lodge logger’s camp”

  1. Very nice map, as usual!
    I wonder to use this lumberjack outpost for my campaign in the Dymrak Forest on Mystara.

  2. Beautiful map!

    Although “it’s” in the hex map should be “its”. Ordinarily I wouldn’t be so picky, but your maps have so much polish that even the tinyiest error stands out!

    I’d love to read the full adventure some time. Your other adventures have been fantastic.

  3. As Always your maps never cease to amaze me! I am learning a lot from your instructions and guidance in making my own maps.
    I wonder, what season is it? When running horror I usually use overcast clouds, or cold days. Maybe the zombies don’t come to life till twilight? Imagine the horror when they see that the men they buried are now digging themselves out of their graves!

  4. I’m in your debt!!!
    Beer is coming.
    I was going to take up roleplaying again, and this gave me the inspiration I’ve been missing.
    Fantastic maps and good simple stories that feels easy to adapt to my plots.

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